The Latest Nike Jewellery for Men and Women

Brief Introduction

Look, we'll keep this short and sweet. No one likes endlessly scrolling through a long blog post to find what they're looking for.

I am going to break down the different types of Nike Jewelry that is available to purchase from our website. 

Nike Rings - Our most popular product

These are just iconic. Everyone has seen one being worn at some point, and typically they ask themselves, or the person - where did they get that from?

Well, the answers are below. 

The Nike Swoosh Repeat Ring - Peak Nike Jewellery

silver nike ring

The ring above is the most iconic piece of Nike Jewellery. It is made of Premium 316L Stainless Steel & Titanium. What does this mean? It won't stain, or tarnish your finger. 

We have sold lots of these over the years. It is also available in gold if you go to our Nike Rings Collection.

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The Nike Signet Ring - My Personal Favourite

silver nike signet ring contrasted on a black front

I mean come on - how clean does that look. 

The problem is, some signet rings are very clunky and in your face. This one is not. It is sleek, stylish and perfectly balanced at the centre. 

I have genuinely worn mine everyday for the past 3 years.

Some of my friends who have purchased this ring from me opt to wear it on the pinky, which I think is quite cool. Although, I wear mine on my ring finger.

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Silver Nike Ring - This Looks Even Better in Person


silver nike ring with swoosh cut outs

 Okay, I am not saying this one looks bad. It looks class. But in person - oh man it looks fire. Trust me. The contract of the silver on the skin adds an extra layer of depth through the Nike Swoosh cut out.

Typically, this ring is bought as a pair with one of our Nike Necklaces.

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Nike Necklaces & Chains - Perfect for layering

The come a close second to our best selling products. 

Why? - 
Because pairing a Nike Ring with a Nike Necklace just makes sense. The beauty of Nike Chains & Necklaces is they always contain a pendant, so having a longer pendant necklace below a shorter length chain looks fire.

Nike Swoosh Pendant Necklace

product image of a silver nike necklace

This piece of Nike Jewellery goes so hard. The pendant is the perfect size so it acts as a focal point but is an addition to an outfit, rather than taking over the whole show.

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PlayBoy x Nike Necklace Collab

This one is for the ladies. We stock it in Silver and Gold. It looks great layered with other necklaces, or just by itself on a white top or skin. 

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Nike Bracelets - They sold out!

This is one of the only styles of Nike Bracelets out there. It's actually difficult enough to make this fast enough!

I really like this piece. The best part is that it's adjustable, so can fit anyone. You just clasp the ends and mould the metal to touch. It doesn't take much strength and does not alter the overall shape of the bracelet.

I would leave a link to buy it -  but we are sold out!

Where to go next to explore Nike Jewellery

As promised, I kept this short and sweet.

If you like what you see, take a look at our Rings Collection or alternatively our Necklaces. These collections to not only contain Nike Jewellery, but also from other brands (including our own!).

Hope this was helpful, feel free to send us an email with any questions.